Build Your Child's Moral Resilience to

Face their Dragons and Change the World!

Violence. Hate. Identity. Division.

Our children are facing problems their parents rarely had to deal with during their own childhoods. Now, it’s commonplace for our kids to feel helpless, cornered, and pushed into beliefs or decisions they don’t know how to combat.

All the confusing noise in our culture can drown out their inner voice - the one that builds integrity, character, and bravery – all things we want for our kids.

The weight of parenting in today’s world can be crushing when every headline, every hidden struggle works against the parents’ goals. Are you raising children who are ready to face the dragons of our world?

The truth is our kids already face these dragons every day. Let us help make them “dragon slayers,” equipped with an upbringing that builds moral resilience.

Matt Beaudreau is a former administrator and teacher with a background in both public and private education. He has spoken for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. He is a school founder, coach, and author. But most importantly, he is a parent with experience raising children to be the heroes of our age.

Through this virtual course, Matt will share with parents the tools, habits, and consistent efforts that good parents have used to raise their own young heroes. Help your children rise above through establishing foundational parenting skills such as:

  • Accountability

  • Discipline

  • Mentorship

  • Setting ground rules

  • Fostering responsibility

  • Establishing your child’s inner voice


Watch the introductory video above and join a tribe of parents who are helping each other go through this journey of raising our children to be the next generation’s heroes – our “dragon slayers.”

Here's Everything You Will Learn From This Course...

Learn why...

“teenager" is a word you should never use and an idea that you should forget

How To Reframe Your Disciplining

Learn the Discipline Reframe that eliminates fights at home, immediately

The 7 "F-Bombs"

The 7 “F-Bombs” of intentional parenting that will raise your young heroes to slay the dragons of today's world.

The Secret Practice...

Learn the Secret Practice that supercharged Matt’s family’s happiness AND productivity

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